binaryopposition.jpgToday's collection of independent game links includes more indie game news and developer announcements from around the 'net. (image source)

The Witness: Architecture in The Witness
"I wanted to show these now since they provide a good taste of the game's flavor, and they show how much structural intelligence is brought to the table by working with the architects."

Visit the Village (Mode 7 Blog): A brand new _ensnare_ album appears!
"I have been working on a collaborative chiptune / fakebit album with my good friend Binster for a while now, and this is the fruit of our labour."

Digital Eel: Hey, It's the "I'm So Indie I Made My Own Bundle" Bundle!
"Well, it's not like you get an extra discount by buying these Steam-enabled games together, BUT you CAN get these dozen awesome indie games at discounts of up to 75% off until January 2 -which means that Data Jammers: FastForward costs less than a burger at Mac & Don's."

GBGames: Announcing the Stop That Hero! Alpha
"It's been a long time coming, but I'm proud to announce the playable alpha release of the first major game for GBGames: 'Stop That Hero!', a deceptively simple strategy game that puts you in the role of the evil villain."

Pixel Prospector: Midnight Mansion HD
"Midnight Mansion HD is a huge retro styled platformer with 11 different themed mansions to explore. Each mansion offers dozens of nicely designed rooms with treasures and keys for you to collect (and enemies and traps to avoid)."

Bontegames: Verge
"Verge, a puzzle platformer by Kyle Pulver, that revolves around a mechanic involving life and death, because when the character dies you will sometimes find the answer to solving the puzzle."

DIY Gamer: Brick-Force Promises Minecraft-like Building With FPS Competitive Multiplayer
"Brick-Force is a currently in development (soon to be launched in beta) Minecraft-like game but with a decidedly FPS multiplayer shooter feel to it. Really, it's very similar to other Minecraft-like Ace of Spades, but with graphics that are a bit easier on the eye."

IndieGamer Forum: Beta testers wanted for "A Sirius Game" (3D ship adventure game for pc)
"In this game, you control a ship and take it to various ports for trading different items, fighting pirates on your way and escorting other merchant ships from pirates. You can get side quests and the story progresses with interactions with other characters of the game."