indie royale xmas.jpgApproaching almost 100,000 bundles sold thus far, the Desura and IndieGames co-created and co-organized indie game compilation site Indie Royale is showing no signs of stopping with its fourth offering, the Xmas Bundle, available for pre-order.

Due to the success of almost 10,000 pre-purchases with the Really Big Bundle, the pre-order system is offered again, now semi-blind, for those who prefer this convenience and don't want to miss when the bundle drops.

The first details of the Xmas Bundle are as follows:

An exclusive, specially remastered adventure game compilation debut (Steam for PC, Desura for PC, DRM-free PC download), an unlikely-themed multiplayer FPS (Steam for PC), a cult puzzle action game (Steam for PC and Mac, Desura for PC, and DRM-free PC download), and an overlooked sim-action title (Desura for PC, DRM-free PC download).

Those who preorder the Xmas Bundle and those who later drop the price during the bundle will also receive Rush Coil's uber festive chiptune album 8-Bit Christmas, the same album that has been featured on Adult Swim.

You can pre-order Indie Royale Xmas Bundle now.