[While the new Indie Royale game bundle that we co-created with Desura is running, we'll be profiling each of the five games featured in it, giving our honest opinion on the pluses and minuses of each title. Today, we look at Blackwell Convergence - the third game in this supernatural point & click adventure series . ]

Christmas is almost here and if all you've ever wanted was the opportunity to pick up a point & click adventure game series steeped in detective-noir elements, oddball characters and a protagonist that is not popping out of her dress, you may want to check out the Blackwell Trilogy. Today, we take a look at Blackwell Convergence, the third game in the series.

Things have progressed since Blackwell Legacy. Rosangela Blackwell's editorial career is about as dead as her career and constant companion. If you haven't played the other two games in the series before (you really, really, really should check those out as well), Rosangela's a medium. In fact, she's the third generation of mediums in her family - both her grandmother and her aunt shared the unenviable task of helping ghosts to the other side.

(Both of them also went completely insane but that's besides the point.) Those expecting a jaded heroine decked out in gothic regalia will probably be disappointed because Rosangela is about as mundane as they come. She's pretty but not too much so, awkward but not completely inept. In contrast, her spirit guide Joey Mallone is every PG-rated mobster stereotype rolled into one. As you might have already guessed, the contrast in personalities makes for some interesting banter.

The supporting cast is what you would expect of a Wadjet Eye Games production. They're not just bit characters. They're people. We might only see a little of their lives but it doesn't feel as though they were planted into the game for the sole purpose of advancing the plot. Blackwell Convergence also wins the prize for the silliest introductory sequence imaginable. If you've ever wanted to see someone talk a ghost from jumping off a ledge by promising that a confused red-head is, in fact, his wife, you need to look no further.

Like Blackwell Convergence and Blackwell Unbound, this particular installment allows you to switch between the two main protagonists. As always, it's an interesting twist, one that allows you to see the world from different perspectives. I'm also extremely fond of Joey's quirks have been worked into the game. His ability to disrupt electrical signals with his mere presence is used at least once.

All in all, Blackwell Convergence is definitely more of the same. It's a point & click supernatural adventure with surprisingly down-to-earth characters, excellent writing and its fair share of laugh-out-loud moments. It's also a surprisingly good take on the story of Joe Gould and Joseph Mitchell, two real-life characters from the history of New York.

In all seriousness, however, if you enjoy point & click adventure games, you should probably just stop reading all these profiles and pick up the Blackwell Trilogy already.

(You could also check out a previous and more thorough review for better insight.)

Official website here, and you can buy it as part of Indie Royale's 'X-Mas Bundle' for the next few days.