111228_totalminer.jpgMicrosoft has chosen ten Xbox Live Indie Games as honorees in a promotional feature highlighting standout retail and downloadable titles for the Xbox 360.

The list, however, does a poor job of representing the XBLIG service as a whole. Among the chosen titles are four Minecraft clones (including two different versions of CastleMiner), two lacrosse simulators, and two online role-playing games featuring user-created Xbox 360 Avatars.

The list notably excludes current top-rated titles like BloodyCheckers and Dead Pixels. Overall sales figures to date also played no role in the selection process. Instead, titles appear to have been chosen based on first-week sales numbers, as Gamasutra's Frank Cifaldi discovered.

XBLIG developers criticized Microsoft's most recent Xbox 360 dashboard update, which obscured and limited the Xbox Marketplace's Indie Games category. The new interface was recently parodied in Mommy's Best Games' XBLIG shoot-'em-up Game Type.

[via @werezompire]