Milkstone Studios has ported a pair of its most popular Xbox Live Indie Games releases to PC platforms: the Warning Forever-inspired arena shoot-'em-up Infinity Danger and the undead/sports-themed action game Zombie Football Carnage.

Infinity Danger (previously covered here) is a twin-stick shooter in which players dismantle giant bosses piece-by-piece while searching out their weak points. Zombie Football Carnage, meanwhile, is less of a football sim (it's not in the least, actually) and more of a bloody arcade-styled action game that happens to star a zombie football player.

Both games, along with a recently released PC port of Milkstone's XBLIG racer MotoHEAT, are available for $4 each, or as a three-game bundle priced at $7.50. Milkstone has issued no word as to whether it plans to release more of its titles for PCs -- personally, I'm hoping for an expanded port of the office arson sim Inflamous.

[via @shmups]