I'm not really big on mermaids but I have a soft spot for Half-Life mods that focus on storytelling. From the brilliant Radiator series to the recent The Stanley Parable, they've always been in a class of their own. Water is no different. The swan song of the Half Life: Short Stories Team, Water is probably one of the more unromantic takes on the whole mermaid mythos. Not that I'm complaining, of course. I've had enough of Disney's sappy-sweet offerings.

In Water, you'll play as the titular character, the youngest of the three elements that helped to devise the world. In the past, you were given an amply supply of dead people to consume. However, after recent changes on land, you've been left hungry and like anyone else with an empty stomach, you want this remedied. An interesting way of spending an hour or two, Water will have you going through some rather pretty environments and a fair bit of decent story-telling. The puzzles are also rather clever if occasionally odd. There's at least one moment in the game that involves pee and possession.

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