If anything, it seems to be moving on a rather lively pace. In case you haven't heard of the game, here's a quick breakdown: Project Zomboid is an incredibly brilliant sandbox zombie simulation that is currently being developed by the Indie Stone. The whole concept behind the game can probably be encapsulated in its tagline, 'This is how you die'. (Project Zomboid also feels like the nexus for bad luck in the industry but that's besides the point.)

Unlike most zombie-themed games, Project Zomboid is not a story of survival. Instead, it's a story about death, about how the number of minutes you can wrestle from an impossible situation. I know. The visuals don't allude to that. I remember thinking the same thing too the first time I encountered the game but trust me, Project Zomboid is a game you need to play. The sheer amount of positive press it has generated is ample proof of that.

Depending on how the next few months unfold, it looks like we'll soon be able to look forward to intelligent NPCs, NPCs capable of creating fortification and communicating with one another. Still, that's not what I'm really looking forward to. What I really want to see is how dialogue will work. According to a news post on Indie DB, players will be able to make choose their tone of voice when interacting with others. They will also have to be wary of the character's mood so as to avoid some sticky situations. In short, it looks like it's going to be a blast!

You can find the official website here. We also have two of the more recent videos below the cut.