According to Retora Game Studios, their upcoming Merchant will be a 'tycoon-style game based in a fantasy RPG' where you will control the merchant responsible for outfitting (and fleecing) the various heroes in the realm. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? Before you call foul, however, it looks like Merchant will not be a direct clone of Recettear but its grown-up cousin instead. At least, I certainly hope so.

It looks like that you, as the merchant, will 'narrate the direction of the game' and that 'helping a specific hero throughout the game can lead to him or her becoming the hero of the story'. It also appears as though your actions can dictate whether their ability to survive the tale as well. In addition. merchant will apparently permit you to incite a monopoly on items, send unfortunate heroes on quests, hire a variety of craftsmen and take on a dynamic crafting system.

Merchant also has Grok. Grok has a magic fish.

I'm leery about being overtly optimistic just yet given that we don't have much outside of conceptual artwork to look at. Nonetheless, if the unusual character design is anything to go by, this looks like it might turn out pretty sweet.

Check out their IndieDB page here.