Silver Dollar Games has certainly earned a name for itself on the Xbox Live Indie Games service, attracting top sales for oft-criticized titles like Try Not To Fart and earning a mention on Conan O'Brien's late night talk show for its XBLIG dating sim Don't B Nervous Talking 2 Girls.

The company's latest effort, Homeless, once again pairs a unique concept with simple, focused gameplay mechanics. Players control a homeless man who must beg passerby for change while battling a strict time limit and a dwindling stamina meter.

Silver Dollar has a knack for picking themes that make it an easy target for criticism (see also: the cat discouragement sim No Luca No and the intentionally annoying Why Did I Buy This?), but Homeless seems to have its heart in the right place, at least -- the mood is appropriately somber, and gameplay is accompanied by a monologue detailing the hardships faced by the homeless.

Homeless is available for 80 Microsoft points ($1).