Stencyl was first announced some time back in January 2007. Since then, it appears to have gotten progressively more polished. More importantly, it looks as though budding developers will not only be able to export to Flash but also to the App Store with relative ease. In the press release we received, the makers hinted that we will probably soon see the ability to export to HTML5 and Android.

For those new to the world of development, Stencyl may be an ideal place to start. Here, coding is a vestigial problem - it seems as though you'll be able to use a 'block-snapping' interface reminiscent of the MIT Scratch project. It also apparently allows for seamless testing, something that I'm extremely curious about. In fact, it has me curious enough to go download the builder and check it out right now. You might also want to consider doing the same as the free version appears to be fairly comprehensive.

You can check out more details here.