They Breathe is The Working Parts' debut production and a somewhat odd little entry in the XBLIG landscape. Described as an 'experimental' game, They Breathe is centered around a lonely green frog and his exploits in a flooded forest. I'm not particularly sure what's going on just yet but it looks like the main antagonists here are aquatic moose. You heard me. Aquatic moose.

According to the description of the game, it looks like players will have to 'learn the true nature of a bizarre underwater ecosystem' and use both 'skill and strategy to survive'. Currently priced at 240 MS (3 USD), it won't put much of a dent on your bank account. As a bonus, They Breathe also comes with a free trial so you can check it out without fear of repercussion. We'll let you know more once we've checked it our ourselves.

IndieDB Page can be found here.