Patrick Smith of Vectorpark has brought the awe-inspiring, artistic puzzler Windosill to iPad. The goal of each puzzle is to discover a cube to pass through the door. To find the cube, you must cause some whimsical chain of events within the background.

The wonderful art like the above image fills the 10 puzzles and the ending. You can choose which puzzles to skip to after beating them, in case you want to impress your friends with a particular one. The iPad version also contains a sketchbook of 20 drawings for those curious about its early designs.

The developer shares that what was originally a Flash game has been rewritten in Objective-C for iPad. The end result is really a work of interactive art, where each puzzle lends itself well to touch-based exploration. I have seldom had this kind of wonderful, albeit brief, experience on a touch device, which adds to the recommendation Windosill earned two years ago on IndieGames.

Windosill is now on sale on iTunes for $0.99 USD. And those Windows and Mac owners who don't have an iPad can either spend 3 cents more and buy Windosill on Steam or unlock the full browser-based version for a penny or more. Give the first few stages a try for free online to see if it catches your interest.

[Thanks Rock, Paper, Shotgun for the extra sales tip.]