frozen synapse.jpg Mode 7 games are far from done fiddling with their Multi-IGF nominated simultaneous turn-based strategy game, Frozen Synapse. They're in the process of porting it to the iPad, and some features that are designed with the iPad version in mind will be rolled into the PC version too.

One such feature is a brand new hotseat mode, a multiplayer mode that lets people play against each other on just one device (be it iPad or PC). Mode 7's Ian Hardingham said on twitter about the hotseat mode "I'm hoping to implement it next week; get it out to people to test; and probably officially release it a bit after that."

Also upcoming is Frozen Synapse DLC, which will feature amongst other things, Mutators. Modifiers for the ruleset to change the dynamics of the game. Read more about the Mutators over on the Mode 7 blog.