abobo.pngThe NES-infused goodness that is Abobo's Big Adventure begins at the loading screen and doesn't let you down until the credits finish rolling. Amdist the cameos and parodies, Abobo's seven stages and final boss round encompass a great deal of gameplay diversity: swimming, flying, wrestling, boxing, run-and-gunning, brawling, platforming, and dungeon crawling (with more I surely forgot). The classic Double Dragon foe Abobo never rests on his quest to rescue his son, Aboboy.

Abobo is controlled by the directional arrows, with two additional moves assigned to "A" and "S". You can also opt to play with a gamepad. The rage move, achieved by landing attacks and building up the meter below your health bar, should be used in every stage so that you can view the different animations and effects.

Abobo's Big Adventure is a labor of love and is available for free. However, the developers crafted a special mini-game called Aboboy's Small Adventure, which is given to those who donate to their cause.

The donations don't go to simple asset/sprite rippers. As stated on the their blog, Team Bobo worked up a whole new game system, recreated the existing graphics and developed a big story for Abobo. While they aimed to make Abobo's Big Adventure the ultimate tribute to the Nintendo Entertainment System, they admit it goes beyond anything the system ever could've been capable of.

For those who still need convincing, check out the trailer here or read the team's account of Abobo's development here. Otherwise, don't spoil the cameo, crazy fun and go play Abobo's Big Adventure now.