bit of alright.jpgNow sponsored by Sheridans, IndieCity, and Introversion, the new London-based game design conference Bit of Alright has announced its full line up.

Covering more than just video games, the day will include elements of board, card and live games too, with presenters including Proteus developer and IGF nominee Ed Key, IndieVisibility Awards mastermind Dan Marshall, and games writer Simon Parkin.

"I really like the idea that people can present whatever and however they like at Bit of Alright," said speaker Ricky Haggett. "As one of the organizers of London Indies, I know these people are an extraordinarily interesting crowd and will come up with some amazing things."

A Bit of Alright will be taking place in and around the Grand Hall of Battersea Arts Centre, SW11 5TN, on February 3 from 10:00-17:00. Tickets are available for purchase online for £35.00. The full line up for the event is found after the jump.

Dan Marshall: Size Five Games
Ed Key: Proteus
Laura Kriefman: Guerilla Dance Project
Grethe Mitchell: University of Lincoln
Dan Walker: FilthyGigDog
Rosie Fairchild and Mark Rochefort: Splash and Ripple
Willow Tyrer: Doublevay
Michael Brough: Vertex Dispenser, Glitch Tank
James Wallis: Spaaace
Mark Morris and Chris Delay: Introversion
Ricky Haggett: Honeyslug
Jerry Carpenter: KBs Gametoilet
Patrick Ashe: Several Amazing Things About Tetris
Iain Simons, James Newman: GameCity
Mary Hamilton and Grant Howitt: Zombie LARP
Ian Willey: My Note Games
Holly Gramazio: Hide & Seek
Kerry Turner and Simon Parkin: Littleloud
Nat Marco: HoneySlug
Cliff Harris: Positech
Adam Russel and John Sear: WallFour
Richard Perrin: Locked Door Puzzle
Andrew Roper: IndieSkies
Rob Davis: Playniac
Adrian Hon, Matt Wieteska, Alex Macmillan: SixtoStart
Alistair Aitcheson: Greedy Bankers