ancient greek punishment.jpg
Dr. Pippin Barr is back with another thoughtful, free experience, after treating us to The Artist is Present months ago. As described on Pippin's blog, Ancient Greek Punishment offers "delicious Greek torment as far as the eye can see and as fast as the fingers can type," telling the tales of Sisyphus, Tantalus, Prometheous, Danaids, and Zeno.

Your "G" and "H" keys will definitely be put to the test, as will your patience if you are unfamiliar with the inevitable tragedies of these Greeks. The five levels can be played in a few minutes, but I felt they collectively delivered a clever and educational experience.

While I was hoping for a little gore with the above Prometheous mini-game, I'd much rather have more games to help me remember the Greek stories. Give Pippin Barr's Ancient Greek Punishment a try and report back what you thought of the experience.

[Thanks, reader Willis K.]