The Cat that Got the Milk is an exciting two-button game for Windows and Mac from a group of developers: Ollie Clark, Helana Santos, Chris Randle, and Jon Mann. Players use two keys (default is up and down) to guide a forward-moving, tiny rectangle (the cat?) through 18 gorgeous, increasingly abstract levels.

Most areas morph as soon as you reach the exit, creating several exhillirating moments as you adjust to the new level. Chris Randle's music, which is free to download, and some lighting tricks add to the tension of the 10 to 15 minute experience.

I ran into a couple hiccups while playing, though. A few times my cat-tangle cursor went out of bounds but did not die and respawn immediately. Once I failed a stage a few times, the ever-present "press space bar to skip because you suck" message distracted me, too.

However, all is forgiven from me once I got the cat his or her milk. The gameplay itself may be nothing revolutionary -- Sophie Houlden's Swift Stitch seems to offer more variety mechanically -- but the audio-visual experience was well worth my time. Give The Cat that Got the Milk a try on Windows or Mac, and let me know what you think.