Team Pig Trigger from the Digipen Institute of Technology has released its clever Indie Game Challenge finalist puzzle platformer, The Fourth Wall. Its 16 stages involve more than just creating clever screen wrapping situations for the controllable character. Players manipulate movable platforms, creatures, keys, and lasers (those you can walk on and those you can die from) to reach the exit. A timely placed "fourth wall" can also create an artificial ground at the bottom of the screen to run across.

The game did freeze on me a couple times, as I navigated back and forth to write this article. The developer fixed the save issue for me which works great now, but optimization remained an issue on the build I played, taking up 1GB of RAM. The team also has a newer announcement trailer, but I chose the teaser since it is representative of the great in-game tunes provided by Jordan Hemenway.

For more on the The Fourth Wall and its developers, read our rather thoughtful two-part interview. It also involves another IGF entry, Eyez, where the two set to dispel the differences between their games (despite having a similar blue wall that denotes a screen wrapping mechanic).

If you enjoy your experience with The Fourth Wall, downloadable here, the developers would certainly appreciate you voting for it to win IGC's Gamer's Choice Award.