Approaching a year since editor Mike Rose spotted the first trailer, Ludosity Interactive teases us more with its episodic PC action-adventure, Ittle Dew. As shared on the team's IGF page, each episode will be an island with a big dungeon and a minor story arch. The team will implement a hub-like world where players buy new episodes as DLC. There is a "heavy focus on replayability with multiple paths and incentive for many playthroughs."

In this trailer, Ludosity shows more use of the stick, ice wand, and the ?!? weapon (as it was named in the first trailer). The devs show a rather gorgeous item shop, too. The end of the trailer introduces the fire sword without any demonstration. The lighting looks more dramatic now and many new characters seem just as fluidly animated and charming as the protagonist.

I like the design of fuzzy Tippsie, who seems to be living up to its name with a cute, half-alert expression. However, its dialogue still reads sharply. I'll hold off on gushing more until I get the game in my hands, which shouldn't be much longer despite the game missing its Christmas 2011 release.

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