Strange Loop Games' first release, the physics puzzle platformer Vessel, has finally been dated; it will be available on March 1 for $14.99 via Steam and the developer's official site. Vessel has been pushed back to "TBA" status for XBLA and PSN.

We've already learned about the different liquids that will be manipulated to solve puzzles. Now, in the above video, we learn about the Fluros. They also require different liquid; with it, they grow to be crazy-looking, animated creatures that have unique abilities to operate machines. This is conjecture, but I hope Earth or we humans don't end up being the vessels for these automatons!

Vessel didn't quite make its 2011 release date, but it has received some polish since last covered. However, that polish wasn't simply visual aesthetics. Shares Strange Loop Games co-founder John Krajewski, "With Vessel, we wanted to push the boundaries of how hardware power is used in games. Typically, hardware power put towards graphics and physics is only an aesthetic addition. In Vessel, the foundation of the gameplay and puzzles is based in liquid simulation."

For an in-depth developer discussion of Vessel with gameplay, check out the video after the jump.