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Shank 2: The Official Blog: An Unexpected Learning
"Immediately, we saw a huge improvement: players were much less likely to simply mash their way into a fight, and started experimenting with different moves and strategies. We would never have figured this out just by thinking and theorizing about the problem."

Randomnine: DOG [Cardinal Quest 2]
"Yup. I have added a dog to this game. It has created an EMOTIONAL CONNECTION. I am now Peter Molyneux."

IndieWire: Meet the 2012 Sundance Filmmakers #26: Lisanne Pajot and James Swirsky, 'Indie Game: The Movie' "The film is about what it's like to create in a digital age. What it's like [to] create under the Internet microscope. How [it] feels [to] put yourself out there and expose yourself to the real-time social media feedback."

True PC Gaming: Dustforce Preview: Sublime Housekeeping
"The beautiful thing at work in this game is the balanced level of challenge that Super Meat Boy simply did not have; players are eased into the trials of the game in a challenging, yet comfortable learning curve."

DIY Gamer: Osmos Hits Android on Tuesday
"Hemisphere Games passes along word that their award-winning ambient title Osmos will arrive on the Android Market on Tuesday, January 17th for $4.99."

Armless Octopus: The Top 10 Xbox Live Indie Games of 2011
"You won't find any spurious Minecraft rip-offs or something that is impressive merely because it's like some other game, only not nearly as cool. This list represents everything that is distinctive about Xbox Live Indie games."