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INTERVIEW - In Conversation With Kan Gao (Freebird Games, To The Moon)
"The base concept originally came when my grandfather fell ill, and I wondered that when my time came one day, if there would be anything I'd regret. Along the way, it was shaped by numerous other events as well as films like Eternal Sunshine."

Mommy's Best Games: Convince the ESA to Drop SOPA Support
"The proposed bill will likely stifle innovation and self-expression on the internet, and grant corporations plenty of power to abuse, given the broad manner in which the bill is written."

The Free Indie Bundle: Pay absolutely nothing for these awesome games and help yourself
"Getting these games won't change the world, but you'll sure have a good time."

Nintendo Enthusiast: Best Indie Games Awards 2011
"I would consider Treasure Adventure Game possibly the best game of the year EVEN if we were including non-indie retail games such as Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and Skyrim. Yes, it's that good."

Humble Mumble: Open source projects spawned from Humble Indie Bundle 4
"Ryan Gordon has open sourced three libraries that he created while porting Shank to Mac and Linux! MojoShader (Effects support), TheoraPlay, and MojoDDS."

Indie Games Channel: Indie Gala bundle extends time, adds Vizati
"The Indie Gala bundle has gotten a time extension, as well as a new game added to the line-up. You now have until January 6 to grab the name-your-price bundle, and the indie game Vizati is packed in as well."

Joystiq: Super Meat Boy surpasses 1 million sales
"The little infuriating platformer that could, Super Meat Boy, has surpassed a million sales. The announcement was made late yesterday by Team Meat on Twitter."