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Indie Game Magazine: Castle Story Devs Outline Why Voxels Make Terrible Castles
"You can see how this small design decision makes a big difference in Castle Story and it also goes to prove that while voxels are good for building things, they are awful when placed under more stressed scenarios, i.e. firing a cannon at them."

Quote Unquote: The Last and Final Word: Radstronomical
"I've always been really passionate about games. Some of my earliest memories are of my brothers' Atari, and playing Mixed Up Mother Goose on the IIGS. Most of my relationships are centered around games."

DIY Gamer: City Building With a Puzzle Twist: MegaCity
"Place building tiles on the grid to play the game; but each tile has a different positive or negative effect on its surroundings. Once a column has the required number of points, the game advances, giving you more room to build."

Joystiq Indie Pitch: Defender's Quest
"Instead of generic towers, you have party members. Each one levels up, learns skills, and wields equipment individually. Your "towers" have personality, individualism, customization and persistence between battles."

Indie Game Magazine: Cubemen Enters Alphafunding
"For some reason it has that Frozen Synapse meets Army Men vibe, which is of course not a bad thing. The apparent appeal of the game is its simplicity and fast based gameplay."

The Adrenaline Vault: Top Casual PC Games of 2011
"The wide-ranging ways used to delineate casual games include the following: A low price point, a small or 'indie' development team, and compact code size allowing quick downloads and having low minimum system requirements. "

Junk Jack: iPad work in progress screenshots
"The Junk Jack iPad version is coming along very nicely, here are 2 in-game screenshots to show you the progress we made so far."