swift switch.pngToday's collection of independent game links includes news, interviews, and developer announcements from around the 'net. (image source)

TIGSource: Swift Stitch
"The slick mathematical aesthetic, the palette of black, white, and bright flickering neons, and the bare-minimum control method may seem otherworldly amongst today's fare. On deeper examination however, you may discover that Swift Stitch is a game firmly rooted in the present, taking a unique approach in addressing several modern game design paradigms."

DIY Gamer: 16-Bit Killer - RetroBlazer Demo Offers 2.5d FPS Nostlagia With A Twist
"Early 2.5d FPS gameplay (Wolfenstein, Rise of The Triad, etc) with an aesthetic very heavily inspired by the MegaMan X series, and running on the Darkplaces engine, a very powerful modern variant of the software behind Quake."

Over00: From indies to indies: James Niesewand from Illyriad
"Writing the game isn't the problem - making it compelling and monetised is the harder task. And it seems to me that if you get the "compulsion" right (with a sensible, non-fleecing monetisation strategy), then the game will market itself via the legions of happy and satisfied players."

Joystiq: Competing in the indie world is fun and games for IGF entrant Zarzecki
"He was a one-man team and had absolutely no budget, so Zarzecki could see how, out of the 300 games submitted to the IGF student competition, he may have been out-performed."

Indie Game Mag: Hostile Takeover - When Project Zomboid Met Hitman
"If you were to take the Hitman games, make them isometric and then add in the attention to detail and realism that Project Zomboid boasts, you would have Hostile Takeover. You play as an assassin who is often assigned to takedown CEOs and shoot up entire offices in a near-future world in which corporations literally go to war with each other."

Joystiq: Mojang working on three new games, two of which will be announced before Q3
"Notch is now free to focus on his new project that, according to Mojang CEO Carl Manneh, is still a complete mystery."

DIY Gamer: Battle Out Of Hell: Party Of Sin
"It's a co-op title for up to four players and is being marketed as a platform-puzzler. Weaponry and magic is available, teamwork is encouraged and multiple methods of overcoming obstacles are said to be the norm."