Rob Hale, the one man powerhouse behind the beautiful and intoxicating Waves, has started work on his next project, and it's a bit of a change of pace from a frantic twin stick shooter.

It's currently codenamed "Blue Fire Dawn". Rather than arcade action, his new game is a turn based affair. Up to four players will be able to cooperatively take on randomly generated dungeons.

It's only at early stages, but I caught up with Rob for a chat to see what to expect from it.

What on earth is your new game about?

"The New Game" is going to be an Co-Op Online Turn Based RPG. It doesn't have a name or a setting yet but I do know that it's going to be online. There will be a single player part but the focus is on providing a platform for you to play a tabletop style RPG with friends on the other side of the world.

It's going to contain randomised dungeons, what kind of elements will be different each time?

At the moment the dungeons are randomly generated purely in terms of layout and theme and right now there isn't a lot of structure to them. I am working on a system to be able to spread keys and levers through the dungeons so you get a little more structure and have to explore the entire thing to complete it. Enemy encounters will be randomly generated depending upon your party composition and things like pacing. If you've had a quiet period with just a couple of low level mobs for a while then it's going to be more likely that something big is around the next bend. The actual enemies themselves will be pre-designed so that players can learn to recognise them and identify strengths and weaknesses etc. There is going to be a meta-game between dungeons as well but that's going to be a little less developed. It won't be full towns you can explore in 3D but more a choice of things you can do each day you spend in a town like go to the Pub, buy stuff or get training etc. It's a big project.

I like the sound of going to the pub.

The Pub is very important. It's where you hear rumours about treasure or wanted criminals that you can hunt and get the bounty for.

It's also where you can get into fights, gamble and potentially lose all your money

And in the game?

And in the game

Still using UDK?

Yep. Frankly it's all I know how to use! I also enjoy doing things with UDK that conventional wisdom suggests you shouldn't be able to do. Waves was completely not what people thought of when you said you are using Unreal and this is similar. Procedurally generated content in Unreal has a big stigma associated with it and a lot of people think it can't be done. To me that's just a challenge and I can't resist trying to prove that something can be done.

Does starting work on this new game mean you've finished working on Waves for good?

It means I've run out of ideas for Waves for now. I've spent so long with my face pressed up against Waves that I've almost gone blind. I've run out of ideas of places to take it and I need a break. I don't think I could get further away from making an Arena Shooter than making a Turn Based RPG. I still think there is another game mode in Waves and if I ever get a flash of inspiration about what that might be then I'll be adding it as another free update. For now I need to not think about it in order to get that flash.

Makes sense. This new game is your second solo release then, anything you learnt making Waves that you've applied to this?

Something that really helped me when making Waves was getting feedback during development and keeping a visual log of what the game was like. I plan to keep doing this which is why the first video is of a Prototype with no sound, placeholder art and questionable gameplay. It's important to maintain a public record showing that progress is being made and also to get a sounding to see if there are enough people out there wanting the game to make it financially viable.

I've also learnt a lot from a technical point of view which will be hopefully making my life easier in the long run on this project. Expanding Waves is a bit of a nightmare and I plan for this game to get alot of new content both free and as DLC so I'm trying to build everything with that in mind so I don't have a breakdown later.

Any rough release window planned?

Not yet. It's a huge project both technically and in terms of content so I'd be amazed if it was out this year. Hopefully next year.

And is it just yourself working on it?

At the moment yes. It's too early to bring artists on board and really in terms of programming work it doesn't need more than me.

Cheers Rob

Before I go. I'd like to thank everybody who has bought Waves so far because without them I wouldn't be able to consider an ambitious project like this. I'd be making a Tower Defense game for iPhone or something and I really didn't want to do that.

This interview is over now.

Just in time, I have to go out now. As always a pleasure.

You can follow development of Rob's new game over at the Squid In A Box blog.