Coming in February, Roger Hicks's and Brian Terwilliger's rComplex will receive a gameplay and cosmetic face lift when it debuts on iOS devices. Since the game has defined levels, I'm not sure if I can call it a Canabalt-like, but by watching the trailer or having played the earlier freeware version, you understand the basic, auto-running platforming mechanics.

The upcoming rComplex boasts seven unique environments with different level designs, such as motorbike sections on devastated highways and tense close-quarter factory runs. The background and music overall are top-notch, and Roger Hicks guarantees such quality for the final release.

I felt the tentacles didn't look as fluid as the freeware title in this trailer, but Hicks shared there was a trade-off to allow "a ton of interaction going on" with them. The player is now equipped with a scythe at the end of the gun, so I expect those tentacles to be sliced up and stored away to feed many a starving runner.

rComplex, being published now by Interwave Studios, uses Unity3D, making it easy for future planned releases on Android, Windows and Mac.