Thumbnail image for Ludum-Dare-featured-image.jpgLudum Dare, the 48- and 72-hour game dev tradition, has revealed its ranking for the latest competition, which was centered around the theme of "alone." While many pixels and ideas came and went, the event fortunately went by without any serious human injury reported.

Here are the top 10 games of the main competition:

Frostbite (saint11)
Abandoned (Noel)
Last Breath (deepnight)
Final Trip Soccer (Benjamin)
Stray Whisker (Jigxor)
Split Party! (Ishisoft)
The Last Geek (Robotic)
Locked Away (MoltenMustafa)
Craequ (Jonathan Whiting)
Soliloquy (ratking)

In addition to those listed, Ludum Dare highlights the main competition Top 50 and the 72-hour jam Top 50, chosen out of 891 entries in total.

The top games by categories can also make for their own topics. Take the highest ranked in humor Super Smash Lander Suicide Party, Bro? by Black Ships Fill the Sky. The game is about "hurtling from the sky towards earth, while partying, jettisoning crew members and blowing up... It's also about the sudden death of seagulls, and blunt trauma inducing high-fives." It sounds like the antithesis of being alone, but that inadvertently involves the theme, too, right? Either way, it sounds like crazy fun.

And finally, with the end of one competition comes the announcement of another. Ludum Dare 23 is coming in April 2012, which will also mark its 10 Year Anniversary! Congratulations to those involved, those awarded, and those who keep the tradition going!