sopajam.jpgDuring a planned multi-website blackout on January 18, indies around the world will create anti-SOPA games for the Ludum Dare hosted Stop SOPA Game Jam. SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act, has already been the recipient of indie-dev heat: Mommy's Best Games published a call for ESA to drop SOPA support, and Minecraft's Notch tweeted that and will be taken down on the 18th in protest of SOPA.

Now we know that at least some developers will be working hard online and offline on new games to play, despite any voluntary setbacks. While Ludum Dare 22 results were announced just last week, fans will soon get even more games to go through.

Developers will want to submit their anti-SOPA games to Ludum Dare for all to see. Those who didn't participate in LD22 may want to warm up their micro-programming muscles during this event, both for protesting and for conditioning for the upcoming Global Game Jam January 27-29.

Thanks for the tip, Sos Sosowski!