Set in a dystopian future where Dogs have been "banned", Off The Leash is a game where you steer a pack of runaway dogs by tilting your iOS device left and right, dodging obstacles and grabbing collectables on your way. Reminiscent of Nathan Fouts' Shoot1up, you can recruit more dogs for your pack by guiding your dogs toward them. The more dogs in your pack, the easier it is to grab coins and such, but the more likely you are to steer one of your dogs straight into a bush.

It's due out on Thursday for small iThings, and it's going to be free. There's various different in app purchase based upgrades and cosmetic customisations you can buy for real money if you like, although it doesn't feel to me like spending money is required to enjoy the game at all, and it looks like you could unlock everything without spending a penny, if you're so inclined.

The graphics are kinda rad, and the character designs have got oodles of charm. It's not going to change the world, but it's definitely better than staring into empty space when you're waiting for a bus.