pitiri 1977.png

Tell me if you've heard this one before: a giant crab-like claw bursts into a guy's house... Ok, so the pacing to Pitiri 1977 seems like there will actually be plenty of time to explain what happened to the main character's visitor that was snatched away, just don't expect it in the free tech demo of iLikeSciFi Games' physics-based puzzle platformer.

The demo only features the first playable stage of the full game, but it is full of spoilers in terms of the powers to be gained. That said, players are free to experiment with having super speed, becoming a self-propelling ball/stone, being a human torch, and having a telekinetic ability to move objects. These powers are limited by a meter that can be refilled by meditating.

Those wondering if there's something special to do to finish the demo, don't break your brain like I did. Developer Jürgen Brunner told me there's nothing to do at the end. "I just wanted to show the graphics style and the abilities of the game. It's just for fooling around, running fast, using telekinesis and so on."

While I can't speak regarding the full game now, the hand-painted graphics look rich and the controls and abilities are generally responsive. Those interested can grab the tech demo here. For now, the full version of Pitiri 1977 is only available on GamersGate. Brunner feels the game is too small for Desura and Steam, but it will be on another online platform soon.

Here's the first five minutes of the full game. The tech demo's content ends at the video's 1:47 mark.