rokko chan real jet man.pngKing's Mega Man homage Rokko Chan has received more than AAA-inspired design tucked in a free browser game; the combined developers have now shared the game's soundtrack and a detailed art collection.

If you fancy quality Mega Man flavored chiptunes, go ahead and grab ASAGEN's soundtrack for Rokko Chan. Go here and type the keyword "rokko" in the "キーワード" field and press the button underneath. The page should load and a link to download the file should appear. If the zip doesn't start downloading in 5 seconds, then click on the hyperlink labeled "こちら".

A little easier to enjoy is the Flash-based 22-page artbook, again with production levels that echo Capcom's and Mega Man's glory days. Here's to hoping Rokko becomes a regular institution! **UPDATE**: Dev had to move Rokko Chan to another server, as he was having issues accessing his previous server.

After the jump is the rather stellar fan-made track Rokko Chan developers spotted.