Using the free 3DS chat app Swapnote and its graph paper notes, game design student Ben Gray has created a pen-and-paper style Dungeons and Dragons experience.

Swapnote itself was released free last month and took what the asynchronous communication app Pictochat offered and added the ability to share sound clips, 3D drawings, and 3D photos. Ben Gray took these abilities and fleshed out an entire dungeon, where each room is a separate note with different audio or visual cues to further immerse the player in the game.

Swapnote RPG, like any traditional D&D game, requires an honor system of self-stat tracking, as the Swapnote app itself can't track the players' changing stats. Ben Gray has shared his graph paper template and, at around the 7:47 mark, has called out for Flash, website, and forum building help to make Swapnote RPG into a community effort.

[Tiny Cartridge]