Initially, this was supposed to be a simple freeware game pick. I was going to tell you about the Space Quest II remake that Infamous Adventures concocted, the awesome one that comes with souped-up graphics, hand-animated characters, 4000 recorded lines and a glorious absence of a price tag. But somehow, somewhere along the lines, things got even better.

Regardless of whether you're a grizzled fan of the franchise or a fresh-faced newcomer, the team (who needs a collective name, damn it!) behind Vohaul Strikes Back has something that will definitely be of interest to you. Vohaul Strikes Back is the 'fan-made, feature-length' inofficial sequel to Sierra's beloved interstellar series. Though greatly lacking in the voice pack department, Vohaul Strikes Back makes up for it by offering charm, charisma and no small amount of humor. Like the remake from Infamous Adventures, Vohaul Strikes Back is available for the low, low price of absolutely nothing whatsoever.

(As an added bonus, it looks like there may well be another game lurking around the corner.)

You can download Infamous Adventures' remake from their site here. To download Vohaul Strikes Back, click on this link..

Trailer for Vohaul Strikes Back can be found after the cut.