After showing off the new NPC interaction tech in December, the latest tech demo for the sandbox undead-apocalypse survival sim Project Zomboid is a flickering glimpse of the new lighting engine, to be included in the games next major update. It's a nice improvement from the previous style lighting, with much prettier, softer, edges.

It's more than just an aesthetic update though, the new lighting engine also lets them simulate light sources like street-lights and torches more realistically, and "zombies will be attracted to the light and even see movement through curtains or sheets". More details on the lighting engine, a rough plan for development in 2012, and other Zomboid news on this blog post.

Project Zomboid is currently available for preorder for £4.99, and comes with instant access to the latest build. There's not been any major setbacks for The Indie Stone recently, let's hope it's relatively smooth sailing from here on out. PZ is definitely one to watch for 2012.