Shattered Horizon developer Futuremark Games Studio has released Unstoppable Gorg, a sci-fi themed tower defense title for Apple's iPad and PC platforms.

Inspired by science fiction films from the 1950s, Unstoppable Gorg challenges players to fend off alien invaders using an array of attack sattelites. In a clever twist, players must position their units by rotating the orbits of nearby planets, moons, and space stations -- a refreshing change from the genre's standard grid-based mechanics.

Between levels, players are treated to cutscenes that offer a suitably goofy mixture of live action, miniature models, and archive footage -- a teaser trailer released last year gives a good idea of the production values involved here. Good stuff!

The iPad edition of Unstoppable Gorg is available for $4.99. The PC version is priced at $8.99 until January 26th, after which it will cost $9.99. Futuremark notes that an Xbox Live Arcade port is set to launch later this year.

[via @werezompire]