Indian indie upstart RealAxis Software have just released a new trailer for their upcoming first release Stained, a 2D sidescroller filled with baddies and objects made of glass for you to smash into tiny peices. Elements of the game are randomised, influenced by the trail of shards of glass you leave behind you. Why not take a look at it in action.

There's some pleasing looking environments there, and it looks like there's a nice mix of exploration and combat. The sound is a bit iffy, but I'm not sure if that's the trailer rather than the game.

For all the FOSS fans out there, Stained has been made using entirely open source software. Blender for modelling and level design, it's running in the OGRE engine and uses Bullet physics.

There some more in game footage here, and you can follow Stained's developement over on their blog. It's going to be coming to the PC, but no date beyond "early 2012" so far.