Masked-Screenshot-1.jpg Here's an odd one. Masked is a short-form room-escape adventure game made in Adventure Game Studio, with a focus on narrative and emotional engagement. Mr Denby says he made it "in response to my frustration that so few room-escape games try to infuse themselves with any sense of emotion within their storytelling", and I'd say it's certainly a success in that regard.

You're locked in a room with only a TV screen to communicate with. A masked face appears on the screen, and it seems as though you and it might have some history. As you search the room for tools to help you get out, the face disappears and reappears, dishing out dollops of narrative, and getting increasingly unhinged.

It's only going to take you 5 or 10 minutes to play, and has a fairly powerful ending. Grab it for free from this link.