Developer Alessandro Salvati has been teasing fans on YouTube with A.D.O.N., the blue robotic platforming ninja who must fix a multidimensional anomaly. Salvati describes it as a big mashup of Sonic, Shinobi, Megaman, and Abuse. A.D.O.N. will feature a level up system, an in-game tech tree for the main character, and a lot of special abilities such as wall-jump, wall-run, and walk-on-water.

I find the visuals particularly striking, in that I don't see 32- or 64-bit pre-rendered sidescrollers every day. The animation is fluid, the lighting at times is dramatic, and the action and platforming seems well-paced. The only thing I am not fond of at this point are the text blocks (the video uses YouTube popups too, but I don't mind those for learning about the game.) Not all of the in-game texts are bad, but some of them look very long and would require me to slow down to read them.

A.D.O.N. is being created in Game Maker. The developer stated on YouTube that it will be ported to iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, and HTML5. The one-man project was last dated as a Q1 2012 release, but I hope Salvati takes the time needed to make this a winner.

To help formulate an opinion, I included after the cut a snow stage with a lot more speed reminiscent of the developer's Sonic inspiration.

[ Video Source: Pixel Prospector ]