bemine.png If our very own Valentine's Indie Royale bundle isn't enough for you and your loved ones this February the 14th, you're in luck, because another bundle has just gone live over at Step up the Be Mine bundle, a collection of 5 games available whatever price you see fit (minimum $1). Here's what you get:

Top down arcadey vehicle-based shooter Wasteland Angel, dimension bending graffiti platformer Sideway: New York, combo centric score attack FPS Xotic, physicsy platformer with robot construction BEEP and finally First person Ball 'em up with a giant ball in it: The Ball.

All of them activate on Steam, and Xotic, BEEP & The Ball come with a DRM-free copy too. You'll also get a bunch of bonus albums, and a 20% cut of all sales is being donated to Child's Play.

The Be Mine bundle is available until the 28th, but remember that romantic gestures are important all year round. Go grab it here.