Captain Commander.pngPixeljam's retro side-scroller has you assume the role of the titular Captain Commander who must make his way through an alien planet and rescue captured soldiers from an abundance of uncomfortable probing.

Captain Commander felt enjoyably fast-paced, with each stage offering a pretty refreshing experience. In addition to a flat stage and ladder/multi-room stage (thanks for allowing me to jump onto and off of ladders), Captain traverses two stages in an alien-mauling tank and a spaceship that bruises easily when near the ground (my bad!). Glorious pixels fly throughout the game, as Captain shoots smaller enemies and huge bosses.

Players can toggle between an all-key or key-plus-mouse configuration in-game. The mouse option adds a visible reticle, but the shots still only fire in eight directions. Captain Commander also has some replayability to it, beyond going for the high score. Beating the game gave me access to a Hardcore option, but I decided to write about the game before playing it a second time.

If you enjoy run-and-gun games or Pixeljam's colorful, pixelated projects in general (like Dino Run SE or Corporate Climber), check out Captain Commander. It's not often you get to key-shiv opponents to death.