hexagoncomplete.pngVVVVVV and At A Distance developer Terry Cavanagh has made one hell of a palm-sweating, vertigo-inducing experience in Hexagon, one of hundreds of games made for the GDC-bound Pirate Kart. I've spent several tries (in between periods of resting my eyes and brain) to get further than 35 seconds into Hexagon, but I fail.

Players control a triangle that skirts along the edges of a hexagon, dodging oncoming patterns of lines and shapes. In addition to the onslaught of patterns, the visuals often pulse and the stage switches between clockwise and counter-clockwise rotations. The game is one continuous stage, with shape-themed "levels" layered in 10-second increments. I cleared point, line, and part of triangle, and I learned square was next. Maybe there's an end-goal; I'll never know.

I never had the stomach for carnival rides, but I imagine this is a wonderful substitution. How about a stereoscopic 3D Hexagon experience? That would be a sensory overload. With Flash installed you can play the browser version here or download Hegaxon here. Cheers to Chipzel for the 30 seconds of great music I heard!