promises.jpg Increpare's Promises is a simple-looking, single-room puzzle game that will ask you to do little except think hard and ponder the value of your word. Here, your goal is to access a room guarded by three doors. To do so, you're going to have to get three keys. Conveniently enough, the people holding the keys are all within reach. You just have to go up to them and make a request. Yes, that's all it takes. At a glance, this isn't a hard task. You won't have to fight any dragons for those keys. However, each of these guys will make you promise them certain things. For instance, one of them is going to make you swear never to tread on ground you've walked on before.

The neat thing about Promises is the fact that you can break these vows.However, if you're caught doing so, you can expect to be told off. Curious? Play the game here. (Many thanks to ortoslon for finding this one.)