zombiesinc.jpg In spite of how much I complain about the prevalence of zombies in the media these days, I have a soft spot for those rotting buggers. Zombies, Inc is yet another title that features the cannibalistic undead but this time around, things are a little different. Instead of shambling mindlessly into human cities, these zombies have offices to plot in. They do marketing. They have portraits.They have researchers. They have generals. They even have desk monkeys.

It's all a little silly, yes. Your goal in Zombies, Inc is to balance the growth of your nascent corporation with your desire to take over the living world. Interesting as all that might sound, the problem with all this is the fact you won't be doing much outside of juggling budgets, picking upgrades and directing your armies from afar. Nonetheless, that doesn't mean it's bad. If you were a fan of Pandemic, you might enjoy this one as well. It isn't quite as deep as the Pandemic but that won't stop it from taking a bite out of your free time anyway.

Play it here.