We've seen the screenshots. We've read the Tweets. We've pondered the rumors. Now, we have the official word. Surprisingly, the official word also came with very little fanfare. We haven't even seen a press release yet!

According to the official website, Starbound will likely be released sometime towards the end of Summer 2012. The game begins with the player escaping from a devastated home planet. From there, they fly across space only to land in an abandoned space station. It is there that the adventure will apparently take place. Players will have to build a crew, conduct research, capture exotic creatures, repair their home and do everything from study captives to building mecha. There will also be procedurally generated planets to visit. The developers have also promised that no two planets will be the same, that even the denizens themselves will look different each time.

Seriously. Do I need to go on? You know what to do. Visit the website. Bookmark it. And pray the guys manage to pull through with their truly ambitious project. Good luck, guys!