There's lots to share about Philadelphia based Cipher Prime today! Auditorium will soon be downloadable for PC and Mac, a sequel to one of the team's IPs was teased, and gameplay of their IGF 2012 entry, Splice, was revealed. A local journalist stopped by Cipher Prme's HQ and captured the above footage of Splice.

The interviewer sheds some light on the gameplay of the new puzzler:

"Splice challenges gamers to rip apart and piece together pill-like structures into their corresponding outlines, forming bacteria-like shapes, lining up and snapping together with satisfying clicks, gorgeous color palettes and smooth animations. Players are rewarded if a completion takes less than or the exact amount of required 'splices' per puzzle, the solved configuration disappearing in the background, floating like the prokaryotic micro-organisms that inspired the game's design."

In the interview, developer Dain Saint expressed his idea behind Splice was to try and capture "this feeling of macro and micro... this feeling of not knowing whether or not you were working with something really small or something really big. And this played out naturally with our ambient style game-play."

Splice has no set release date, but it will be out for both Mac and PC. Another Mac and PC title is set to arrive soon from Cipher Prime, discussed after the jump.

After a successful launch in late November with Fractal on Steam, the team has shared that Auditorium is also heading to Steam and the team's store in the next few weeks. Auditorium (the base-game is playable here) is a musical puzzler of sorts, where you bend streams of light particles with various mechanisms to fill audio containers and make music.

The good news is if you paid to unlock the full web-based Auditorium already, you get the downloadable version free. The bad news is that there's no new content. The web version will still exist, but it is moving to the team's main website so they can cut down on server fees.

Lastly, Cipher Prime says that they will be launching a KickStarter campaign soon for a sequel... "a bigger, better, multiplayer one!" I've a pretty good guess that it's either Auditorium 2 or Fractal 2. Which would you prefer to see?