5 buttons.jpgThe Experimental Gameplay Project has revealed a collection of 47 games built around the theme of 5 buttons. While developers had from December 1 to January 31 to submit, each team was expected to spend no more than 7 days on the task.

Developers needed to consider the special setup under which the games would be played. As depicted in the above sketch, the games will be displayed on 02L > Outside Standing Level's Unita Zero platform, an audio/visual playground with 5 pressure pads. With so much space between the pads, it's no surprise many developers made their games co-op or multiplayer. The rules also advised entries to be on the short side, so a lot of them have that "mini-game" feel.

In addition to three cash prizes, developers are competing for live exposure during the Stattmedia Game Contest event in Germany on February 17. The winners will be selected by popular vote of the attendees.

After the jump is a video of Hamusuta Man, because everyone should see a man in a hamster suit throwing vegetables at a giant squid.