Indie developer Honeyslug's microgame compilation Frobisher Says and Bolser's virtual graffiti app [email protected] will debut as free downloadable PlayStation Vita titles in May, launching the platform's new "Discovery Apps" initiative in Europe.

According to a recent post at PlayStation Blog Europe, Discovery Apps are "free to download from PlayStation Store and are designed to showcase the unique features of PS Vita through innovative interactive experiences."

Frobisher Says demands that players satisfy the whims of Frobisher, a "strange little man" who is "terribly demanding and a bit frightening if crossed." Earning Frobisher's approval involves becoming familiar with the PlayStation Vita's hardware features -- sample challenges involve tilting the device in order to deliver pudding via toy train, and smiling at on-screen ladies (but not badgers) using the PS Vita's player-facing camera.

[email protected], on the other hand, is a social game in which players virtually tag real-world objects using personalized graffiti. The platform's augmented reality and GPS features allow sharing of tagged spots with other PS Vita users.

Frobisher Says will be available on February 22nd as a free incentive for Vita preorders. Both games will be released as free downloads for all PS Vita owners in Europe in May. Neither title is currently scheduled for release outside of Europe.