The Global Game Jam (GGJ) is billed as the world's largest game jam event, occurring annually in late January. The games created for GGJ are traditionally centered around a theme. This year 's was the ouroboros, representing an eternal life cycle. In 2011, teams in 44 countries created over 1500 games in one weekend. At my last count, GGJ 2012 developers have uploaded 2218 games -- quite the increase!

Here are but a few of those games created:

Omelette Boris (WIN/MAC) - Kumobius' puzzle platformer about the cycle of life won Best Game & the Jammer's Choice awards for the Melbourne, AU Jam.

MIRRORMOON (WIN/MAC) - Bloody Monkey worked on this adventure-puzzle-exploration game, set on a mysterious red planet.

ARoboros (Win 7 Phone) - Sugar Pill Studios created an augmented reality game in which you flip snake markers onto passing mice to catch them.

Universe Within (iOS) - Kotaku spotted this dazzling pixelated game, where you "steer through obstacles as it advances from the the galaxy through the stratosphere and into a human being's cells."

SBPSG (WIN) - Desktop Dungeons devs QCF Design created an RTS based around gathering, directing and recycling armies of particles to attack and destroy the opposing player's base beacon.

Lovers in Dangerous Spacetime (WIN, GGJ Link) - Matt Hammill worked with a team to create this vibrant 2-player co-op mini platformer within a pink Death Star which is under attack. Players need to run back and forth between ship control rooms to fight off hordes of space baddies.

Disillusion (WIN) - True Valhalla created this minimalistic, abstract platform game with a focus on exploration.

Towelfight of the Gods (WIN) - Stoz Studios has the player warped from a shower into an arena of the gods, fighting off opponents with deadly bananas.

Feel free to leave any cool GGJ games you find in the comments below!