This week Mojang, Oxeye, and Wolfire worked on 3 separate games during the Humble Bundle Mojam. Teams spent 60 hours on their creations, and all the proceeds earned during the event go to charity. The Internet voted on Mojang's game themes, and the team combined the highest and lowest voted choices to create the steampunk, Egyptian-themed, RTS, shoot 'em up Catacomb Snatch.

As players traverse the unexplored territory, the map and catacomb itself are filled in. Defeated enemies drop coins to purchase strategic items such as turrets from the home base. Players also can purchase bombs to break down walls and train tracks to connect the base to the catacomb's valuable chalice.

C418 and anosou created the energetic Catacomb Snatch soundtrack. The entire package seems pretty solid for a weekend's worth of work. What do you think?