The Witness 440 puzzles.pngAs of now, The Witness's puzzle count is 440. Not bad... but is that good? Is that too many or too few? I suppose it depends on the length, variety, and difficulty of the puzzles.

Blow describes a recent playtest of two game areas, the endgame area and another, which took nine and a half hours to play through. He concluded that while he's been aiming for a 10-15 hour game experience, based on his current playtest "the whole game is ... ... much longer."

Blow says that The Witness will still go through a lot of editing and fine-tuning, but I can't think that people would mind an experience over 15 hours if it is engaging. If a lot does get cut, my fingers are crossed for an unedited or director's cut version of the game. That's what DLC basically is, right? And that island is shaping up pretty nicely, Blow & Co.